Free Bird
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Free Bird
Mixed media on wood
96 x 48 x 5 in.
(243 x 121 x12 cm)
Artist Region
United States
About the Work

Guac’s Voice

Joaquin Oliver—known affectionately as “Guac” by friends and classmates—was murdered on February 14, 2018, during the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Guac’s father, Florida arts and creative director Manuel Oliver, began grieving his lost child through art by taking his story across the country. Oliver intends to raise awareness of mass shootings through strategic interventions aimed at reducing the influence of the NRA on the federal level, and encouraging everyone to get out and vote. Manny Oliver made the work seen here during a short residency at Mana Contemporary in preparation for an upcoming nationwide tour.

The work is for sale and all proceeds will be donated to Manny’s organization, Change the Ref (CTR).

About Change The Ref (CTR)

Change The Ref (CTR) was formed to empower our Future Leaders. CTR gives the kids of today the tools they need to make changes around critical issues that affect our nation, through education, conversation, and activism. It uses urban art and nonviolent creative confrontation to expose the disastrous effects of the mass shooting pandemic. It also focuses on the NRA’s corrupt attempts to buy lawmakers, while promoting solutions essential to healing mass shooting victims’ families’ lifelong grief. Change The Ref’s ultimate goal is to give the young generation of survivors and victims a disrupting voice to lead the way towards change and a more peaceful future. The next and following generations must get involved, fight for their values, and get their voices heard!

#NeverAgain. Learn more at